About Donations

All donations are tax deductible.

R12 Charities operates under the supervision of the New Horizons Foundation, a 501(C)3 charitable public foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  New Horizons provides necessary legal guidance and administrative support for R12C operations.

For any donation received through this website, a flat service fee of 5% is deducted by New Horizons to cover applicable administrative costs.  The remaining 95% of every donated dollar is distributed by R12 Charities in the form of automotive parts, repair and maintenance to those in need.  95 cents of every dollar you donate by mail or online here is distributed to those who are in need.  **

A receipt for your donation will be sent to you from New Horizons Foundation, Inc.

R12C maintains open accounting practices.  Full financial details are available upon request.

**  Note that in addition, if you donate via credit card,  the card processing company will also deduct fee's for their service.  Generally these fee's are around 2%.  

Donate By Mail

Donations can be made by mail to:

     R12 Charities
     C/O New Horizons Foundation, Inc
     5550 Tech Center Dr  Suite 303
     Colorado Springs,  CO  80919

Checks should be made out to 'New Horizons Foundation'

Be sure to write  R12 Charities in the memo line of your check

Donate Online

You may also donate online directly from the New Horizons Website by clicking the button below:  

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Note: When you click the button above, you will be redirected to New Horizons Foundation for donation processing.

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